Health, Safety & Environment

Welcome at our modern facilities in The Netherlands

The production takes place in 2 modern facilities in the south of the Netherlands. The tannery in Tilburg produces crust, which is finished in Rijen.

The factory in Tilburg was originally built in the early ’90-s and completely renovated in 2006-2008. The tanning and dyeing process is fully automated. This results in better process control and a more consistent quality of the leather. In combination with modern, state-of-the-art machinery and various transport systems it also reduces the physical strain on the workers and it creates a safer and cleaner work environment.

The factory in Rijen was renovated in 2010. Modern machines with low emission and low energy consumption were installed. Later also solar panels were installed.



The chemicals used in our process are compliant with REACH and all our finishes are water based. The environment is protected by our own waste water treatment plant in both Rijen and Tilburg with subsequent full cleaning in the municipal plants.

More important than this is our continuous effort to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing water and energy consumption. Water consumption has been reduced by integrating modern filtration techniques. Energy consumption has been reduced by incorporating techniques for regaining heat from our vacuum driers in Tilburg and by installation of modern drying tunnels in Rijen with software for energy saving during colour changes and cleaning times.