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The Green Collection

The “Green Collection“ is tanned with vegetable tannins, without the use of chrome and fungicides. All Wendel’s split leathers comply with the most severe standards on fields of technical specifications, environment and health and are based on premium quality European (German) double butts.

The Evita series has 12 colours in a substance of 2.0 - 2.2 mm. The colours on this site are for approximate reference only. For exact colour reference please use our colour books.


Zero waste

Leather is the oldest example of recycling on record and all skins and hides processed in Europe come from the food industry as a by-product. No single cow is killed for its hide and as long as there is a demand for meat there will be hides as by-product. If we would not use the hide, we would throw it away which would be wasteful and disrespectful towards the animal.

Benefits of leather

Another major benefit of leather, even heavily coated items, is that it lasts a long time – much longer than synthetics. This is recognized as of vital importance in sustainability as it avoids wasteful short-term use of resources. What is more with leather articles it is usually not the leather which goes wrong but the zips and threads, so unlike synthetics, leather items can mostly be repaired, another huge benefit in avoiding using up resources.

Environmental awareness

We use proper equipment and waste management procedures to make good quality leather. The workforce is treated correctly and given appropriate workwear and training. Most of what we used to call waste in the tannery itself is now a raw material for other products like gelatin or energy. Our water consumption is reduced using filtration during the whole process and cleaning afterwards.


the green leather collection
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